Monday, May 31, 2021

A Love That Never Dies (Taiwan)

 Note: This tale comes from the introduction to a book on ghost stories (see the information below "Notes"). No dates or exact locations were provided in the Chinese text. 

This story occurred a number of years ago in the southern part of Taiwan, in Kaohsiung County, to be exact. 

It seems a mother took her newly born baby boy out for a stroll in the nearby woods. While in the forest, the mother was suddenly attacked by a male assailant. In the words of the author, he first "humiliated" her, and then, to make sure there were no witnesses, he murdered the unfortunate woman, leaving the one-year-old alone but alive on the ground.

We now flash forward five years. The child, having been rescued from the forest, was now five years old. He went with his father into a department store. As soon as they both walked in, the boy focused on a male customer, and from out of his mouth issued a disembodied mature woman's voice, angrily bellowing, "You filthy conscienceless thug! Where have you been hiding out since that time?" 

The boy then bit the stranger. 

"He is the one who killed me five years ago!" the boy cried in the woman's voice, and he continued to scream at the strange man nonstop. 

The stranger acted as if he had seen a ghost and tried to flee but could not with the five-year-old now clutching onto him. 

All the commotion attracted, of course, lots of attention, and before long the police arrived. The man, the boy, and his father were all taken in for questioning. There was sufficient information to detain the man, and further investigation established that he, the customer accosted by the boy in the department store, had indeed been the killer of the boy's mother five years earlier. 

All who were familiar with the case were naturally astounded that the voice of a dead woman would speak through her child. 


from Occult World [靈異世界] by Ah Xiu [阿修]; Taipei: Xidai, 1996; pp. 6-7. 

Once again I'm indebted to my good friend Tina for providing me the book containing this bizarre story.  

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